The essentials

  • Our core business is production and sales of mushroom spawn. We believe in flexibility and in the best customer service.
  • Looking for highly performing strains? We have mother cultures, mother spawn and spawn for sale of more than 260 strains and species. Check the strain list for our bestsellers.
  • Mycelia shares professional knowledge on mycelium and mushroom technology! See Mycelia School for more details, or follow us on Facebook for loads of free information.
  • Mycelia hosts an innovative R&D department. We invest continuously in research on 'hot topics' such as  liquid spawn, recipes, mushroom materials and many others.
  • Our patented spawn bags and boxes Microsac and Microbox guarantee a perfectly controlled production and a germ-free end product for mushroom spawn and substrates.





Would you be happy to meet fellow growers from all over the world?

Are you interested to know how to solve common problems?

Are you eager to take part in lively discussions?

Would you like to learn about technological developments in the sector?

Do you want to launch interesting ideas?

Do you feel like sharing experience with colleagues to mutual benefit?

Are you curious about actual market trends?


Then, WoodFungi is thé place to be in June!

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Next edition of our courses

Due to the WoodFungi Conference that Mycelia is organizing in June 2018, our next edition of the spawn- and substrate- courses will be in October 2018.

1) Group training on spawn production: 16-19 October 2018

2) Group training on the production of substrates and lignicolous mushrooms (Wood Fungi): 22-26 October 2018


course mushrooms

course mushrooms

course training mushrooms

The 12th group training on substrates and mushrooms from the 20th to the 24th of November 2017 in our premises in Nevele, Belgium was again a success! The enthusiastic participants were happy to receive an answer to their questions and to find solutions for their cultivation problems. We trained 15 people from 11 countries including Denmark, Estonia, Ghana, Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, Poland and Austria.

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