Mycelium production and mycelium production technology 

  • Our core business is production and sales of mushroom spawn. We incubate on a number of special recipes, adapted to the species.
  • We have mother cultures, mother spawn and spawn for sale for all strains of our strain list. If you wish to buy spawn of other species, we have many more in stock that don't appear in this list.
  • Mycelia provides know how and training with respect to mycelium production for spawn, substrate, mushroom growing and lab design. We also evaluate and consult in existing spawn facilities. See Mycelia School for more details.
  • Our patented spawn bag "Microsac" guarantees a perfectly controlled production and a germ-free end product, which remains active for an extended period of time.

Check out our innovative machinery!

Lambrecht Engineering plan design filling dosing machine spawnMycelia develops machinery for spawn and substrate production. They are without exception simple solutions for difficult problems. We sell both building plans and machines. For more details, look here.

Examples: bag filling machine, laminar air flow, substrate bag filling unit, bag tumbler

Our partners

WoodFungi 2018 | Upcoming International Conference

Mycelia and her sister company SacO2 decided to organize an international conference on the cultivation of lignicolous fungi in 2018, from 3th to 6th June. It is meant to celebrate Mycelia’s 10 years in Nevele and SacO2’s reunification with Mycelia 3 years ago.

A number of researchers and professional growers have already communicated their subject.

international conference on lingnicolous mushrooms woodfungi

Our focus will be on quality rather than quantity. The idea is not just to bring people together, but to inspire all participants into innovation and practical research on this group of cultivable mushrooms.

The website will soon be launched.

We would be happy to welcome you on WoodFungi 2018!

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Upcoming! 20-24 November 2017: the 12th group training on substrates and mushrooms

The Mycelia Team proudly presents: the twelfth group training on the production of sterilized substrates and cultivation of lignicolous mushrooms. It will take place from 20 until 24 November 2017 in our school premises in Nevele, Belgium. 

The participation fee is 1180 EUR, excl. board and lodging. Students receive a price reduction of 20%. The tariff includes a day's trip to two Dutch growers of lignicolous mushrooms. Standard knowledge of the English language is required. 

 checking substrate problems during training course sterile substrates in Belgium

substrate and mushrooms course training course 5 days in Belgium

explanations during training course over substrates and mushrooms

Contact if you are interested to participate.

Important: these courses are very quickly fully booked and first come, first serve!

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