Mycelia offers technology “à la carte”

Mycelia shares its 25 years of commercial spawn-production experience through technological support.

In general terms, Mycelia organizes three types of support:

  1. Substrate and mushroom production - group training
  2. Spawn production - individual training
  3. Spawn production - group training
  4. Lab design and consultancy - individual


1. Spawn production training

During these individual 3-day trainings, we share our spawn-production knowledge with our trainees. We teach every step from strain preservation over mother cultures and mother spawn to spawn production. These trainings can be organized all year round.

2. Substrate and mushroom production training

These 5-day group trainings are a cooperation between Mycelia and dipl. Ing. Jürgen Kynast from Mykotop. We teach trainees every step to produce sterilized substrates and lignicolous mushrooms. These trainings are organized once or twice per year.

3. Spawn production training

These 3-day group trainings are organized by the training team at Mycelia and focus on spawn production. It is open to all levels of knowledge, although prior knowledge of mycelium production is a bonus.

4. Lab design

Mycelia uses her know-how and technology to design projects. These involve mostly drawing the lay-out of new labs and production units and of re-organizing existing labs. These projects are accepted all year round.



  • we design uncomplicated as well as high tech spawn laboratories with a high output
  • we have a perfect insight in the starting up problems of such production units, while being able to offer the correct solution for each of them.
  • both traditional and specialty mushroom varieties are our expertise 
  • we are flexible in adapting our concept to the the customer’s preferences and needs
  • continuous R&D efforts lead to extra knowledge, which is made available to our customers 

Flexible technological assistance

  • lay- out and organization of spawn production labs
  • purchase and installation of machines
  • individual trainings of production responsibles in our premises
  • training of personnel on site
  • production start-up on site
  • follow-up and adjustment of the production process, both at start-up and in later phases

For our curriculum: check the list of implemented trainings

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  • Mycelia School
  • Mycelia School