Group training

on the production of sterilized substrates and lignicolous mushrooms

Next edition coming up: 12-16 June 2017. Location: at Mycelia’s premises, Veldeken 38A 9850 Nevele, Belgium

Considering the succes of the previous editions, we are now proposing the 11th group training at our premises, which will cover all aspects of lignicolous mushroom cultivation. 

Over the years, Mycelia has acquired an excellent reputation as a training centre for mycelium and lignicolous substrate producers. Since November 2011, we have developed our group trainings on the production of sterilized substrates and lignicolous mushrooms, which cover the whole production cycle from mother culture to specialty mushroom.

The program has been developed in close collaboration with dipl. Ing. Jürgen Kynast, who has a broad-spectrum scientific background in combination with an extensive experience as a grower of specialty mushrooms. We welcome existing and would-be growers to this in-depth course. 


Sunday 11/06/2017: arrival at the B&B, or the hotel of your choice

Collection at the train station will be organized.

  • In the morning, Magda will be at Mycelia for the last preparations, while driving to the train station to collect the participants. Other pickup arrangements can be made, but should be communicated clearly.
  • In the afternoon she will be at Mycelia or in De Steenhove to prepare didactic materials and meet the participants.

Monday 12/06/2017:

8h15- 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30- 9h:

welcome and practical briefing (Jürgen and Magda)

9h00- 9h20:

multiple choice (Kasper)

9h20- 10h:

Mycelia floor plan and visit to the premises

10h- 10h30:

coffee break

10h30- 11h30:

first introduction to substrate production: components, mixing, humidification, filling, bag closing, sterilisation, cooling, spawning, incubation, growing systems (Jürgen)

11h30- 12h30

parallel session – practical tests

  • 30 min

group 1:agar (Pascale + Hélène)

  • test with petridishes: testing hands and air making agar
  • evaluation on Thursday
  • 30 min

group 2: make your own substrate (Kasper)

12h30- 13h30:

lunch break

13h30- 14h30:

biology part I: (Magda)

  • general biology
  • role of enzymes

14h30- 15h:

coffee break

15h00- 16h:

parallel session – production lab research

  • 20 min

group 1: applied microscopy (Kasper)

  • 20 min

group 2: visit to technical floor with overpressure units (Magda)

  • 20 min

group 3: pouring agar under LAF (Hélène)

16h- 17h:

biology part II: bacteria and fungi (Magda)

  • Bacteria: cell structure and multiplication
  • Perfect and Imperfect Fungi: classification and life cycle

Tuesday 13/06/2017:

8h15- 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30- 9h00:

Quiz (Kasper)

9h- 12h30:

parallel session – ingredients and consumables

  • 60 min

group 1: practical substrate preparation in Mycelia’s workshop (Jean & Pascale)

  • selection of ingredients
  • filling of mixer
  • addition of water
  • examples of mixing and filling machines
  • pH and dry matter measurement

10h- 10h30:

coffee break

  • 60 min

group 2: improving the structure of substrates (Jürgen)

  • determination of water- and air-filled pores
  • characteristics and role of different additives: wood chips, wood shavings etc
  • examples of substrate formulations on paper
  • 60 min

group 3: demonstration of incubating substrates (Kasper)

  • good and bad examples
  • discussion

12h30- 13h30:

lunch break

13h30- 15h00:

working in cleanrooms (Magda):

  • presence of propagules in the air
  • cleanroom classes, air quality control
  • use of LAF, use of overpressure
  • rules of conduct

15h- 15h30:

coffee break

15h30- 16h30:

biological approach of different production stages (Jürgen): incubation, ripening, fructification

16h30- 17h:

Incubation and ripening phases: climate conditions, temperature vs. time (Jürgen)

Wednesday 14/06/2017:

8h15- 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30- 9h30:

pests and diseases: prevention and solutions (Jürgen)

9h30- 10h30:

spawn (Magda):

  • spawn production and spawn quality
  • spawn testing
  • transport and conservation

10h30- 11h:

coffee break

11h- 12h30:

autoclaving process (Jürgen)

  • theory on steam production and heat transfer
  • correct autoclaving procedure
  •  F- value
  • what happens in the substrate bags?

12h30- 13h30:

lunch break

13h30- 15h30:

parallel session – practical inoculation, machinery

  • 40 min

group 1: practical substrate inoculation in Mycelia’s technical lab (Magda & Jürgen)

  • essentials of small-scale production inoculation
  • particle counting and air speed measurement
  • 40 min

group 2: practical substrate inoculation in Mycelia’s cleanroom (Hélène &  Kasper)

essentials of large-scale production inoculation

  • 40 min

group 3: autoclaves and steam generator (Pascale)

  • practical use of steam (Pascale)
  • valve and sterilisation cycle schematics

15h30- 16h:

coffee break

16h15– 17h:

Theory of pasteurization process (Jürgen)

Thursday 15/06/2017:

8h15- 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30- 9h20:

production technics (Jürgen):

  • cooling and heating (Jürgen)
  • racks and shelves (Jürgen)

9h30- 10h30:

Breathing bags: techniques and gas exchange (Jan)

10h30- 10h50:

coffee break

10h50- 11h50:

parallel session

  • 30 min

group 1: construction and maintenance of laminar air flows (Kasper)

  • filter types, practicalities, dangers
  • Practical review of LAF’s
  • Build and efficiency
  • 30 min

group 2:  cleanroom consumables and dressing  procedure  (Magda)

11h50– 13h00:

fructification techniques (Jürgen):

  • aeration systems
  • humidification systems
  • hygiene in fructification room
  • harvesting,  mushroom quality
  • post-harvest care
  • spent substrate

13h00- 14h30:

lunch break

14h30- 15h15:

fructification phase: determination of best climate conditions (Jürgen)

15h15- 15h45:

coffee break

15h45- 16h:

group activity, 3 groups (Jürgen):

  • make the layout of a substrate annex mushroom production farm, taking into account all information which you have received
  • group discussion

16h- 16h45:

building technics (Jürgen):

  • construction materials
  • water supply, waste water
  • electricity, energy efficiency

16h45- 17h:

Evaluation of petridishes made on Monday

Friday 16/06/2017:

8h30- 8h45:

Opportunity to pick up purchases from Mycelia

8h45- 9h:

Meeting outside the B&B De Steenhove, Veldeken 45, 9850 Nevele

9h- 11h:

Drive to Paddestoelenrijk, Middelweg 3, Rossum 5328 GL, grower of various types of lignicolous mushrooms.

11h- 12h30:

Visit to the Paddestoelenrijk, Middelweg 3, Rossum 5328 GL

12h30- 13h30:

Lunch break – lignicolous mushroom tasting. Delivery of USB stick and certificate, closing of the course.

13h30- 14h:

drive to Martijn Van Herwaarden, Luttel Inghweg 12, Kerkdriel 5331 PN

14h- 16h:

Visit to Martijn van Herwaarden, Luttel Inghweg 12, Kerkdriel 5331 PN , Pleurotus substrate producer and grower of Shiitake and Pleurotus

16h- 18h:

Drive back to Belgium

 If you wish to participate, please take contact with us via email:


  • 1180 EUR/ participant, ex VAT, board and lodging not included.
  • our students’ rate, 20% reduction to the full tariff, is 944 EUR. Please add a copy of your students’ card to the registration form

Included are:

  • bread lunch Monday until Thursday, at “De Steenhove”. The last lunch, on Friday in the restaurant in Germany, is not included.
  • welcome evening and dinner on Monday night, with visit to the beautiful city of Gent.
  • transport to and back from the dutch growers

Payment: a pro forma invoice will be made to the company and address data on your registration form. We kindly ask prepayment before the 29th of May.


  • cancellation before 07/06/2017: 100% refunding, minus bank costs
  • cancellation after 07/06/2017: 50% refunding, minus bank costs