Group training on spawn production

Next edition coming up: 2018. Location: at Mycelia's premises, Veldeken 38A, 9850 Nevele, Belgium.

Mycelia has developed her reputation as a training centre for spawn and mycelium production since the early '90's. Over the years, we have implemented a large number of individual trainings to people from all over the world, to which we teach the whole production cycle from spore to spawn.

The program has been developed by the Mycelia team and is based on our extensive training experience from individual courses, group courses and substrate group trainings. We welcome existing and would-be spawn producers to this in-depth course.


Sunday: arrival at the B&B, or the hotel of your choice

Collection at the train station will be organized.

  • In the morning, Magda will be at Mycelia for the last preparations, while driving to the train station to collect the participants. Other pickup arrangements can be made, but should be communicated clearly.
  • In the afternoon they will be at Mycelia or in De Steenhove to prepare didactic materials and meet the participants.


8h15 - 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30 - 9h:

Welcome and practical briefing + multiple choice (evaluation day 4)

9h - 10h:

Mycelia introduction video, floor plan and visit to the premises (Kasper)

10h - 12h:

Parallel session: practical preparation

  • 50 min

Group 1: practical spawn preparation (Kasper + Jean)

  • Cooking, mixing and filling
  • Water management
  • pH and dry matter measurement
  • 50 min

Group 2: practical agar preparation (Pascale + Hélène)

  • Making your own agar medium on different recipes
  • Agar sterilization
  • Petridish test of hands and air (evaluation day 4)

10h50 - 11h10:

Coffee break in between

12h - 12h40:

First stages of spawn production: workshop, components, mixing, humidification, bag types, bag filling, sterilization (Kasper)

12h40 - 13h40:

Lunch break

13h40 - 14h40:

Biology I: (Magda)

  • General biology
  • Enzymatic activity
  • Bacteria and fungi: cell structure and multiplication
  • Fungi: classification and life cycle

14h40 - 15h:

Coffee break

15h - 16h:

Parallel session: sterile department

  • 30 min

Group 1: practical agar pouring under LAF (Pascale)

  • Pouring agar under LAF
  • Rules of conduct
  • Dressing code sterile department
  • 30 min

Group 2: visit to the sterile department (Magda)

  • Incubation
  • Reshaking
  • Product flow
  • CO2 measurement

16h - 17h:

Biology II (Magda):

  • Bacteria: cell structure and multiplication
  • Perfect and Imperfect Fungi: classification and life cycle


8h15 - 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30 - 10h30:

Disinfection and sterilization (Kasper)

  • Different sterilization methods
  • Different disinfection methods
  • Efficiency

10h30 - 10h50:

Coffee break

10h50 - 11h40:

Parallel session: cleanroom essentials

  • 25 min

Group 1: microscopy (Magda)

  • 25 min

Group 2: consumables and use of USB microscope (Kasper)

11h40 - 12h40:

Parallel session: essential machines

  • 30 min

Group 1: autoclaves and steam generator, practical use of steam, cooling units (Pascale)

  • 30 min

Group 2: visit to the technical floor (Kasper)

12h40 - 13h40:

Lunch break

13h40 - 14h40:

Dealing with micro-organisms in the production of spawn (Magda):

  • Presence of propagules in the air
  • Cleanroom classes, air quality control
  • Use of LAF, use of overpressure
  • Rules of conduct
  • Cleanroom quiz

14h40 - 15h:

Coffee break

15h - 16h20:

Mother cultures and mother spawn (Kasper)

  • GMP
  • Quality control
  • Degeneration of strains

16h20 - 17h:

Case study: examples from real life (Pascale)


8h15 - 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30 - 13h:

Parallel session: inoculation practice

  • 120 min

Group 1: mother spawn department (Magda + Hélène)

  • Practical subculture method inoculation
  • Strain preservation techniques
  • Demonstration of incubating mother cultures
  • 120 min

Group 2: spawn inoculation in Mycelia’s main inoculation room (Pascale + Mamuka)

  • Essentials of large-scale production inoculation
  • Particle counting and air speed measurement
  • Incubation
  • Shaking and reshaking
  • Cleaning and hygiene

10h30 - 11h:

Coffee break in between

13h - 14h00:

Lunch break

14h00 - 14h30:

Spawn conservation (Magda):

  • Spawn production and spawn quality
  • Spawn testing
  • Transport and conservation

14h30 - 15h30:

Demonstration of incubating spawn (Kasper)

  • Good and bad examples
  • Discussion

15h30 - 16h:

Coffee break

16h - 17h00:

Spawn bags (Jan)

  • Types of vessels/bags/boxes
  • Essentials of filters
  • Spawn bag vs. production system


8h15 - 8h30:

Walk to Mycelia

8h30 - 10h:

Feasibility study (Roel)

  • Financial study
  • Investment

10h - 11h20:

Practical: organization of a spawn lab (Magda)

11h20 - 11h40:

Coffee break

11h40 - 12h40:

Practical: cleanroom class

  • Inoculation cabinet without LAF (Jan)
  • Correct use of overpressure system (Kasper)

12h40 - 13h40:

Lunch break

13h40 - 16h:

Parallel session: cleanrooms practical

  • 60 min

Construction and maintenance of laminar air flows and overpressure units (Pascale)

  • Filter types, practicalities, dangers
  • Practical review of LAF’s
  • LAF filter replacement and general maintenance
  • LAF building
  • Efficiency presentation
  • 60 min

Practical cleaning

  • Materials
  • Disinfection
  • Water management
  • Practical hygiene

14h40 - 15h:

Coffee break in between

16h - 17h:

  • Evaluation of petridishes and multiple choice of day 1
  • Delivery of USB stick and certificates
  • Closing of the course

If you wish to participate, please take contact with us via email:


  • 1480 EUR/ participant, ex VAT, board and lodging not included.
  • our students’ rate, 20% reduction to the full tariff, is 1184 EUR. Please add a copy of your students’ card to the registration form.

Included are:

  • bread lunch Monday until Wednesday.
  • welcome evening on Monday night, with visit to Gent and dinner in the old city center.

Payment: a pro forma invoice will be made to the company and address data on your registration form. We kindly ask prepayment until 3 weeks before the course.


  • Cancellation before 15 days: 100% refunding, minus bank costs.
  • Cancellation after 15 days: 50% refunding, minus bank costs.