Lab design and consultancy / individual training course

Mycelia has a tradition of training people in spawn production. We have all this technology and experience in-house.

Mycelia’s main trainers

  • Magda Verfaillie, mycologist and general manager of Mycelia
  • Pascale Vergeyle, biochemical engineer, production responsible and quality control

Lab design

Over the years, the company has developed and helped developing tens of spawn labs all over the world, either as large industrial endeavors or as small-scale rural development projects.

We treat every project individually, but based on our own experience as a spawn producer and from the experience of working with so many different producers in different situations. Some of these projects are problem-solving, others are efficiency-enhancing and others are downright new projects.

Individual training program

  • Duration: 3 days to one week
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish or Dutch
  • The programme will be adapted to the trainee's background and wishes

1.       Theoretical training with respect to mycelium-production:

  • Applied microbiology:
    biology of bacteria and fungi: classification, life cycle and enzymatic activity, airborne propagules, presence of micro-organisms in raw materials, fermentation processes
  • Sterilization:
    guidelines for substrate hygienisation, heat resistance of microorganisms and their spores, determination of sterilization-procedure, control systems.
  • Air handling for cleanrooms:
    air quality classes (following the US Federal Standard 209 D), filter classes, design and construction of filter units, including LAF (Laminar Air Flow), calculation of overpressure system for cleanroom area
  • GMP- rules for cleanrooms:
    transfer of objects and persons from and to cleanroom,  rules of conduct in LAF, air speed and air quality testing, role and use of disinfectantia.

2.       Standard practical training in mycelium production

  • Preparation area
    • characteristics of raw materials
    • recipes and preparation of agar media
    • recipes and preparation of grain substrates
    • the use of Microsacs (“breathing” bags)
    • sterilisation procedure
  • Cleanroom area
    • strain maintenance
    • conservation of mother cultures and (mother) spawn
    • cooling-down procedure
    • inoculation techniques
    • monitoring of correct and risky behavior
    • controlling procedures
    • dress code
    • cleaning techniques

3.       Overview of lay out and organisation of production facility

  • floor plan
  • equipment for preparation of raw materials and bag filling
  • inoculating, bag mixing and sealing devices
  • air handling equipment

4.       Additional practical training

In order to improve their skills, trainees are given the opportunity to stay a limited number of extra days after the training has been finished. They will practice with, and be coached by our staff, so as to detect and correct wrong behaviour.

Tariffs 2012

a.      Lab design:
  • 80 EUR/hour
b.      At Mycelia’s premises (Nevele, Belgium):

       a.1. Minimum training period: 3 days of 8 working hours each

  • 640 EUR/day (80 EUR/hour) for one trainee
  • 448 EUR/day (30% discount) for every extra trainee of the same company

       a.2. Optional: additional practical training:

  • 140 EUR/day (17.5 EUR/hour) for one trainee
  • 98 EUR/day (30% discount) for every extra trainee of the same company
c.       At the customer’s chosen location:

          minimum training period: 5 days of 8 working hours each

  • 640 EUR/day
d.      Phone and email support[1]:
  • 80 EUR/hour (minimum time credit: 2 hours)


  • The training period shall be fixed at least one month in advance.
  • The above prices are net: board and lodging, insurance and visa costs are to the customers’ charge.
  • Traveling time will be charged 50% of working time, i.e. 320 EUR/ day
  • Mycelia’s invoice shall be settled before the training starts
  • The training is adapted to the level of the participants. Participants should preferably have a degree in sciences or have prior knowledge of mycelium production.

    [1] Additional technological support is provided by Mycelia till exhaustion of the time credit. This credit is prepaid.

    ·         640 €/day (80 EUR/ hour) for one trainee

    448 €/day (30% discount) for every extra trainee of the same company
    • Lab design / individual training program
    • Lab design / individual training program
    • Lab design / individual training program
    • Lab design / individual training program
    • Lab design / individual training program