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Mycelia was founded in 1985 by mycologist Magda Verfaillie. In a first stage she started a small size spawn laboratory as a center for spawn research on a university level, containing a small spawn production unit. In a second stage in 1990, a larger spawn laboratory was set up which had a production capacity of 12.000 liters (ca. 7,5 tonnes) of spawn per week. In 2008, Mycelia moved to the actual production site in Nevele, which initially had a production capacity of 30.000 liters (ca. 18 tonnes) of spawn per week. Expansions in 2015 and 2015 have increased this production to 37.000 liters (ca.22 tonnes) at the end of 2015, with another expansion planned.

Mycelia's core activities: mycelium production, technology transfer and R&D.

1. Mycelia produces and commerializes mycelium products for different purposes. Mycelia rigourously keeps a large collection of strains. Of these, it produces mother cultures, mother spawn and spawn which are sold all over the world. We have an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier of fresh mycelium products of an even and impeccable quality. Our customers can choose from an extended strain list.
2. Mycelia is also a school for spawn, sterilised substrate and lignicolous mushroom producers. We offer lab design / individual training courses, substrate group trainings and spawn group trainings. Mycelia's strong points are:
  • We have a solid scientific basis and a long standing experience in mycelium production. These enable us to produce spawn of the highest standard.
  • We have designed and reorganized a large number of high-tech production labs with a large output, as well as a practical, technically non-complicated spawn laboratories for smaller yields.
  • Our employees travel around the world to consult spawn companies. We have an extensive insight in the starting-up problems of production units, while being able to offer solutions.
  • We have offered top-quality personal and group training programmes to a large list of spawn and substrate producers from all over the world.
3. Mycelia is involved in a number of R&D activities in view of constant improvement of its production:
  • Our main R&D focus is the development of new species and maintenance of existing species in a structural research basis.
  • We work closely together with a number of scientific institutes, both public and private, on a permanent basis. Most of this research takes place through funded research programmes, involving our own scientific personnel and is intended to develop new products.
  • Each newly developed type of Microsac and Microbox from our sister company SacO2 is tested extensively in Mycelia's laboratories.
  • We develop our own machines and produce and sell small and larger scale simple-solution production units, in cooperation with SacO2, which produces and markets them.


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