The Microsac, the world's best breathing bag (patented)

SacO2's air-permeable bags have been specifically designed to guarantee carefree mycelium production.

  • autoclavable, polypropylene (PP) bags with filter strips
  • autoclavable, high density polyethylene (HDPE) bags with filter zones
  • gamma- irradiated polyethylene (PE) bags with filter zones

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If you wish to learn more about the usage of the Microsac, click here.


The Microbox

The Microbox tissue culture vessels with air-permeable cover guarantee carefree micropropagation. 

  • autoclavable, polypropylene (PP) vessels with integrated filter
  • gamma- irradiated polypropylene (PP) vessels with integrated filter

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SacO2 is a sister company of Mycelia, which carries out its laboratory tests.

For more information and price offers quantities, please visit the SacO2 website or contact them directly on