Spawn for professional mushroom producers

Description: pure mycelium on a grain mixture, securely produced and packed in breathing Microsacs.
Strains: see strain list
Packaging: 5 liters or 10 liters - in Microsac bags
Recipe: dependent on the mushroom. Adaptable to client from 2000 litres onwards.

Type of packaging 5 liter Microsac 10 liter Microsac
Weight 2,8 kg: recipe for lignicolous mushrooms
3,0 kg: recipe for compost mushrooms
5,6 kg: recipe for lignicolous mushrooms
6,0 kg: recipe for compost mushrooms
Bags/ aerated carton

5 bags: standard
4 bags: in case of risky transport

2 bags
Cartons/ europallet 36 cartons  48 cartons
Full pallet  180 bags  96 bags 

Minimum order: 20 liters
Price ex works: depending on strain and quantity. Ask for our tariffs on
Means of transport: refrigerated transport is compulsory. For faraway countries, air freight is preferable.
Transport tariff: depends on total volume and destination. An estimation of the cost is sent on request. Spawn being a heavy product, transport costs may be elevated.
Phytosanitary document: is required for the importation of living products into most non-EU countries. Its cost of 48,00 EUR per shipment will be added to the invoice.
Import licence: compulsory for most non-EU countries. The Belgian Ministry of Agriculture demands a copy of the import licence for the delivery of the fytosanitary certificate.
Pro forma invoices: after we have received your order, we make a pro forma invoice, on which are indicated:

  1. the price for the spawn
  2. the cost for the fytosanitary certificate, if requested in the country of destination.
  3. the transport cost, if not organized by the customer.

VAT: customers outside of the EU do not pay VAT to us. Customers inside the EU are charged 6% VAT on the mushroom spawn and 21% on the transport unless they can give us a valid European VAT-number. Customers in Belgium are charged 6% VAT on the spawn and 21% VAT on the transport.

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  • Final spawn
  • Final spawn
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