Announcing for 17-21 March 2014: new substrate and mushroom group training

Thu 12th September, 2013

Because of an increasing demand, Mycelia organizes its sixth edition of the group training on the production of sterilized substrates and cultivation of lignicolous mushrooms. It will take place from 17-21 March 2014 in our premises in Nevele, Belgium. 

The participation fee is 1180 EUR, excl. board and lodging. Students receive a price reduction of 20%. The tariff includes a day's trip to a German substrate producer and grower of lignicolous mushrooms. Standard knowledge of the English language is required. Click here for our detailed programme.

sterile substrate shiitake problem training    Teaching growers about mycology and mushroom industry    Willi & Regina Lehr growing tunnel pleurotus eryngii

Contact if you are interested to participate.

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