How to cultivate morels?

Thu 15th October, 2015

Have you ever tried growing Morel Mushrooms? Did you succeed?

Morchella conica

Morchella conica

It is indeed one of the great enigmas of our time: the spawn and substrate compost are easy to grow, but to our knowledge, nobody has yet been able to commercially and viably produce mushrooms. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and it’s still one of science’s mysteries how one should grow it in a sustainable way. There are loads of theories and even a few patents on the matter, but the truth is it only works sometimes. And this is a fact: in order for it to be commercially interesting to grow, it should work always, not sometimes.

This much is sure: they love ashes and they can be shocked into fruition, the mycelium grows fast and aggressive and fully colonises a medium in no time. But Morels are Ascomycotina, they are just as happy reproducing asexually as sexually. They don't even need to produce mushrooms for their survival.

As far as we're aware, humans haven't found the trick to make them fruit just yet. But he or she who does will be a rich person. If you're feeling lucky: we always have the spawn available at Mycelia.

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