Group training lignicolous mushrooms and substrate production was a succes!

Tue 17th July, 2012

In total, there were 11 participants from 9 different countries: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Iran, United Kingdom and Turkey.

watching powerpoint presentation on mushroom production at Mycelia

An example of the reactions we received afterwards:


Hope all is going well with you and everyone at Mycelia!

I wanted to thank you, Magda, Jurgen, Pascal, and the whole crew at Mycelia for the fantastic course on lignicolous mushrooms.

The course was extremely well organised and delivered in a very logical and precise manner that has increased my knowledge ten fold. The Mycelia course now allows me to build my growing operation with confidence and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the mushroom business or considering entering it. The information and expertise to hand is invaluable!

Once again, thank you all for such a wonderful course!



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