Redirection of hobby sales

Mon 20th April, 2015

Due to internal reorganisation, Mycelia has decided to redirect its hobby sales. The combination between large scale production and small scale orders has always been a delicate balance and we are now looking at supplying hobby growers through a network of local spawn distributors instead of directly through us. Click this link for an overview of our partners.

From today onwards, the minimum order limit at our plant is 20 litres of any type of grain spawn or 4000 plugs/sticks. 20 litres is one full box in summer (in winter, one full box can contain up to 25 litres). We allow smaller orders for our existing customers. Contact us if you have any questions about these sales.

Our Belgian customers are redirected to this spawn producer:

Vaart Linkeroever 90
9800 Meigem (Deinze)
09/385 71 49

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