Bag tumbler

This device, which has been developed over a course of many years by Mycelia and Lambrecht Engineering, has already been sold to many spawn and substrate growers. It is a very simple and cheap solution for effective mixing, while still being fully mobile, robust and easy to clean.

Mycelia uses two of these drum mixers itself: one in the inoculation room and one for reshaking. It greatly reduces working cost and work time and it has a positive effect on work stress, as it is a permanent solution for a very strenuous job while remaining surprisingly silent.

In the movie below, the safety capping of the conveyor was removed to allow a proper view of the system. See pictures above for the machine wearing these caps.

1. Description

An apparatus in kit, pre-assembled and pre-wired.

  • The apparatus consists of a stainless steel mixing tube, diameter 637mm, length ca 2000mm, wall thickness 1.5mm. Entry and exit of the tube comes with a stainless steel ring to avoid damage to the bags.
  • The inside of the tube has 5 rows of 3 tough, wooden mixing bars.
  • The tube is suspended on and driven by a set of V-belts.
  • The V-pulleys are mounted onto two shafts in longitudinal direction.
  • A 3-phase engine reducer of 0.55kW (1 HP) with a ratio of 24 drives the shafts.
  • 220 to 240V single-phase power supply is transformed into 3-phase 220V with a frequency drive to allow speed adjustment.
  • The motor reducer and the shafts are mounted onto a sub-frame in order to simplify the final assembly.
  • All rotating parts are sufficiently guarded to guarantee a safe operation.
  • The complete frame is mounted on 2 pivot wheels with a brake and on 2 fixed wheels.
  • The inclination of the upper frame with the rotating tube is adjustable.
  • All metal parts, except for the stainless steel mixing tube, are protected with silver colored metal paint enamel.

Standard power supply: 220 to 240V 50cy single-phase.

For non-European countries: please specify voltage and frequency!

2. Performance:  at 11 turns/ minute: ± 600 bags (average filling 5 lts) / hour

3. Packaging:

  • the kit is supplied upright on a pallet of 80 x 120 cm, height: 2m00
  • Gross weight: ± 200 kg,  net weight: ± 180 kg

4. Terms of sales:

  • Option 1: machine: 3800,00 € ex. Works
  • Option 2: technical plans: 500,00 €
  • Terms of delivery:   ca. 8 weeks

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