Semi-automatic bag-filling device - granular mixtures

Professional semi-automatic bag-filling device, operated on pressurized air and with foot pedal. Developed for high-speed bag handling. This equipment is only suited to handle non-sticky mixtures e.g. grains. Sticky mixtures like e.g. straw substrate should be filled with a substrate filling device (ask for our price offer for substrate bag filling machine).

The unit is equipped to fill bags up to 5 liters OR up to 10 liters. In this range it can be adjusted to 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 liters or 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 liters respectively. Volume changes through adaptation of an extra module.

The system is developed to be easy to clean.

The mixer and conveyor belt are not included, as indicated on the enlarged picture below.

Category: New equipment

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full-automatic continuous bag filling device substrate and spawn

1. Description

  • Reservoir with level detection to start and stop the supply from the conveyor belt
  • Vertical dosing tube in RVS A304 with 2 pneumatically operated shutters and with adjustable volume
  • Controle unit with Logo!-controller, operating switches and push buttons, 24V feed, emergency stop
  • Air filter and pressure regulation with air pressure lock-off safety valve in emergency stop circuit
  • Welded, rigid steel frame with gridded work surface
  • Foot pedal for starting up filling sequence
  • Connections: 230V-50Hz 10A

Air pressure max. 100 Nl/min @ 7bar (700 kPa)

Standard power supply: 220 to 240V 50Hz single-phase.

For non-European countries: please specify voltage and frequency!

2. Performance:  At full operating capacity, maximum output of 720 bags/hour (12 bags/minute).

3. Terms of sales:

  • Option 1: machine: 8151,00 € ex. Works
  • Option 2: technical plans: 750,00 €
  • Terms of delivery: ca. 8 weeks

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