Semi-automatic bag-filling device - substrate mixtures

Professional semi-automatic bag-filling device, operated on pressurized air and with foot pedal. Developed for high-speed bag handling. This equipment is only suited to handle sticky mixtures e.g. substrates. non-sticky mixtures like e.g. spawn should be filled with a spawn filling device (ask for our price offer for spawn bag filling machine).

The unit is equipped to fill bags of 5, 7 or 10 liters. Volume changes through adaptation of an extra module. Up to 3 modules for volume adjustment are included if requested.

The system is mounted on wheels and is easy to clean. Mixer and conveyor belt are not included.

Category: New equipment

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substrate bag filling machine device automatic plans

1. Description

  • Reservoir with level detection to start and stop the supply from the conveyor belt
  • Vertical stainless steel tube with achimedes screw with automatic start-stop system
  • Vertical dosing tube in stainless steel with rotating dosing disc
  • Up to 3 rotating volume-discs
  • Controle unit with Logo!-controller, operating switches and push buttons, 24V feed, emergency stop
  • Air filter and pressure regulation with air pressure lock-off safety valve in emergency stop circuit
  • Welded, rigid steel frame with gridded work surface
  • Foot pedal for starting up filling sequence
  • Connections: 380V-50Hz 10A

Air pressure max. 100 Nl/min @ 7bar (700 kPa)

Standard power supply: 380V 50Hz single-phase.

For non-European countries: please specify voltage and frequency!

2. Performance:  At full operating capacity, maximum output of 600 bags/hour (10 bags/minute).

3. Terms of sales:

  • Price machine: 19.500,00 € ex. Works
  • Terms of delivery:   ca. 12 weeks

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