Agaricus bisporus

White Button Mushroom

Strain: M 7219

 huge flush of white button mushrooms on horse manure


  • Medium-size mushroom strain
  • Also has the ability to produce larger mushrooms
  • Very good quality fruit bodies


Although this strain also has the ability to produce both high-density medium and larger sized fruitbodies, it is mostly used to grow medium sizes and offers exceptionally high yields. Picking is easy, caps are smooth and round. 



Recommended substrate

traditional or synthetic Agaricus-compost


8-10 litre spawn / ton

humidity: 66-70%
N level: 2.2 à 2.4%
level of ammonia: max. 0,05% (500 ppm)


compost temperature:

23-28 °C


13-17 days

CO2-concentration: 5000-12000 ppm
Casing soil humidity: 72-76 %
thickness: 3,8 à 5 cm
  • either deep ruffling, 8-9 days after casing
  • either apply cac-ing
Ripening phase room temperature: 23-28 °C
relative humidity: 95-99%
CO2-concentration: 5000-12000 ppm

Fruiting induction


20-21 °C

air temperature: 17-18 °C

relative humidity:

90-95 %

CO2-concentration: 1000-1200 ppm


2 to 6

Total production cycle

from the end of incubation: 5 to 11 weeks

Average yield

29 à 36 kg/ m² at a fill weight of 90 kg/ m² fully grown compost

 Important remark: the cultivation guidelines in our technical data sheets are a compilation of the data given to us by experienced cultivators.  Individual differences in the cultivation conditions can seriously affect the results.