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Despite the coronavirus worldwide, our production is still running.
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Mycelia live and online school

Covid-19 affects us all.

The exponentially increasing corona- figures have now turned the Belgian territory into a red zone on the European map.

With pain in our hearts we have to announce you that there was no other choice but to cancel our upcoming course on the production of substrates and mushrooms.

We can not fix a date for the next live edition till we are sure when a vaccine will be available.

But the good news is that we are working on an online course, which we hope to launch in the beginning of 2022.

We will keep you informed, through all our communication channels.

autoclave explanation by Pascale


With love,
The Mycelia team

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HLP meeting 2019

The annual meeting of HLP, the German association for professional mushroom growers, has been held in Switzerland in 2019.

Hessische Pilztage
November 5th and 6th, 2019
Hotel Swiss Star, in Wetzikon, Switzerland

A special member meeting was organized by Evelin Krolopp to discuss the future development of this originally german group of professional growers of specialty mushrooms. More and more professionals from non- german speaking countries are interested to join in, but they stumble on the laguage barrier.

The group came to the following important conclusions: 1) wider international cooperation is needed to strengthen European competitiveness, 2) an official status and a sound financial policy will have to be put in place and 3) the working language will have to be changed to English.

The host for the professional visit on Wednesday morning was Patrick Romanens of Fine Fungi. Fine Fungi is a producer of organic specialty mushrooms, mainly Pleurotus eryngii and Shiitake. The company uses a bulk pasteurisation system which is safe and very efficient. Yield is constant, and the first flush is high enough for a profitable production.

The influx of Chinese substrate in the US and Europe was one of the main topics in the afternoon session, along with some interesting matters such as the cultivation of Morchella in open plastic tunnels.

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